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“I knew I experienced energy shifts, but I didn't understand why I experienced them or what experiences and people in my life contributed to them. I just knew they were happening. It was really interesting and helpful for me to realize how these different things show up for me in my life, and how my experiences as a kid can still show up for me as an adult. I think my biggest takeaway was recognizing very concrete, very specific ways to help myself get out of a lower level energy and move into a higher energy level faster.”

- Brielle F.

“I highly recommend the full coaching package. She (Anna) gave real insight and feedback that I found invaluable. In person or over the phone every session was tailor-made to discuss and hone in on the challenges that I wanted to address. She helped me to regain my self-worth, my drive and ambition. It’s a course that is definitely worth the investment in time and money.”

- Ann, Vice President Marketing

"At first I did not believe in the whole idea of coaching.  However, through working with Anna, she helped me turn my professional life around. I’ve now taken a step back from my successful 20+ year career as an English teacher, and followed my dream to share my culinary talent with others by opening my own Cafe."

- Malgosia G., Restaurant Owner, Poland

"I am a firm believer of making the most from my life and setting goals to work towards, so Anna’s coaching sessions gave me the boost I needed, using tools and words of encouragement to inspire and guide me back on track. I am now doing the things I enjoy most and embracing the present. Thank you Anna."

- L. D’Souza, PA, London, U.K.

"I followed my entrepreneurial spirit and left the corporate world to start my own company. Working with Anna as my coach during this pivotal transition has helped me remain balanced and focused on my business and personal goals. Her intuitive listening and natural curiosity creates a supportive and judgement-free space where powerful insights are realized. Anna has been the perfect coach to help me move past my doubts and leverage my strengths to overcome challenges. I am always energized and more aligned with my goals after our sessions. I highly recommend working with Anna."

- F. Lopez, Business Executive, New York, U.S.A.

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