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I’m Anna Szpunar, a Professional Certified Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and COR.E Dynamics Transitions and Leadership Specialist who trained with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  I’m also a recovering Workaholic!


Eleven years ago, I followed my dream and moved from London to New York City. As an expat who had always been very close to family and friends, being so far away from my support network was challenging even though it was exactly what I wanted. In every possible way, I jumped right out of my comfort zone to a new country, new city, new job, new life!

Making such a drastic life change all at once made me realize that change is scary and it’s easy to become stuck or stalled even when you are enjoying the moment.  However, change can also be hugely transformative and rewarding.   

Five years ago, I found myself in a place where I was “living my dream” yet feeling unfulfilled by my career despite, really enjoying the clients I was working with and, (for the most part), the opportunities my job offered me.   I lived the life of a global traveler for both business and pleasure and I was living a successful and abundant life - yet something was still missing.  I realized change comes from within.  It was time to follow another dream and become my own boss!


Throughout my 20 year career in media sales and magazine publishing, I have led and worked with national, international and global teams and brands.  What I loved most about the roles I had was working with people, whether that be the people I led or the clients I built ad campaigns for - it was the results that came from the work I did that truly made me happy.  


That’s why coaching felt like such a natural transition for me.  I knew I wanted to work with people like me - Entrepreneurial Souls.  I wanted to  empower people on their transformational journeys in leading their lives from a place of fulfillment in their professional AND their personal lives.   


Today I work with emerging leaders, C-Suite Executives, business leaders and develop bespoke individual and group coaching programs, bespoke workshops, team coaching programs, working with both private individuals and organizations investing in their people.  


​My personal mission is to help people embrace their Entrepreneurial Soul - to trust their intuition and take action to pursue their dreams, even when it is intimidating, confusing, or difficult. 


With a passion for life-long learning and positive psychology, I am currently completing my certification in Happiness Studies.

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