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Group Coaching offers a safe space to foster collaboration where individuals will learn from one another, support one another, coach each other and provide accountability to help you stay committed to your journey.​​​

My Group Coaching programs are developed to offer a community to individuals transitioning through a common experience and/or towards a common goal.  

Why take the course?

Are you a high achiever established in your career and feeling a little stuck for what’s next?

An entrepreneur in the making ready to take the leap into launching your own business or side hustle?

A small business owner needing to realign with your passion and purpose?

The Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial S.O.U.L. programs have been curated specifically for people ready to gain clarity, fuel their growth mindset, make shifts to expand their vision for a more fulfilling way to navigate and lead their life on their personal and professional journey.

Each course is tailored to the participants in the group through the Energy Leadership Index results and pre-course survey.  The program will include:

  • Taking the Energy Leadership Assessment to learn about your personal Energetic Profile and Energetic Stress reaction.  

  • A group debrief to understand your personal results and areas you would like to focus on during the course.  (Please note your results will remain confidential unless you choose to share them with the group).

  • How to operate from your highest level of consciousness to focus on your personal goals.

  • Group Coaching to work on specific situations experienced by the group in line with the collective themes which are identified at the start of the program.

  • Exercises and worksheets between sessions to put the week’s learnings into practice as you choose.

  • Summary of the full course for you to keep as a go to reference following the course.

  • A personal 90 minute 1-1 session following the course to help refine your goal and create a sustainable impact moving forward.

Frequency: Weekly 2 hour Session

Where: Live Zoom link

Duration: 6 week course 

Participants: Maximum 8

Language: English

For more information, contact me here


Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial S.O.U.L.


Click on the link below to book your place on the next course:


Where:  Virtually on Zoom

About:  This course has been designed specifically to bring together Expats who are working through similar life transitions - away from home.  Join Anna for a workshop & group coaching Series where you will experience the Energy Leadership Index Assessment with a group debrief, develop your self awareness and skills to navigate yourself confidently through a year of self-ownership!

Dates: TBD

6 Sessions will be weekly at 6.30PM EST/ 3.30PM PST 


Where:  Virtually on Zoom

About:  Join Anna for a workshop & group coaching Series where you will experience the Energy Leadership Index Assessment with a group debrief, develop your self awareness and skills to navigate yourself confidently through a year of self-ownership in 2021!

Dates: TBD 


Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial S.O.U.L. - Participant Feedback:


“...A very powerful exercise for me, immediately put things into perspective, and I felt like I had found a way out of being stuck (the main reason for me to take the course).  I literally felt things began to shift... The course helped make a major decision I had been dreading, seem small, natural and easy.” 

- Francie - Senior Account Director in Global Media Sales


“I have become  more aware of my frustrations and things that trigger my anxiety... and next take ownership of them so I can pivot.  The best part is that I am not the only one benefiting from this course. My partner gets to enjoy a more 'aware me' and we have been able to have more open-hearted conversations about various subjects.” 

- Melody P.

“I appreciated Anna’s warm, personalized and genuine approach to broaching some sensitive and impactful topics...

The biggest A-HA moment was truly understanding the notion that I have complete power to choose the type of life I want to lead and career I wish to cultivate...having a safe space to share and connect with other female entrepreneurs was comforting, inspiring and motivating...Being able to look at yourself through a variety of lenses, especially those of your peers, made me further realize that I’ve been my own worst critic…I’ve massively progressed in my ability to pivot, hit the reset and reenergize more quickly.”

- Rebecca  - Founder Miss Girl Creative

“The course helps to organise your thoughts and approach to your life or a specific situation in a collaborative rather than prescriptive manner.”

- A Szpek Senior Trademark Attorney

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