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Transatlantic Professional Coaching

British and American companies share a profound integration in each other’s countries, with over $1.5 trillion in two-way investment in 2021. This collaboration has led to the creation of millions of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.


Moving to a new country is exciting, transformative and rewarding, however, it can also be tough and easy to become stuck when you’re out of your comfort zone and faced with so much uncertainty.


As businesses expand across the Atlantic, they typically assign some of their top talent to ensure the process runs smoothly. And for these professionals, with all the logistics and change involved, relocating can quickly feel uncertain and overwhelming, calling into question their identity, relatedness and sense of belonging. This can affect an individual’s wellbeing, performance and fulfillment at work.


Consequently, this can impact the investments that businesses allocate for expanding into new markets and the effectiveness of the individuals they relocate to facilitate this process.


We’ve designed a holistic coaching program to support business professionals relocating between the U.S. and U.K. providing a safe space to openly talk through the various challenges that may impact them personally and professionally prior to, during and post their transition. 

Why join us?

Become part of a peer support group:

• Transition alongside other professionals as a shared experience in relocating to a new country.

• Connect in a safe space to share and navigate through challenges you are experiencing in a judgment-free zone.


Define your vision and goals:

• Define a clear vision of your transition aspirations and the steps needed to get there.

• Take the lead in your journey from where you are now.


Develop your self-awareness:

• Recognize when you are getting in your own way and learn how to adjust course and get back to your full potential.

• Learn how uncertainty can impact your mindset and performance, and equip yourself with strategies and frameworks to get back to your best self. 

When do we start?

Our Spring 2024 cohort will launch in April and will run as a virtual group coaching program over 3 consecutive months. 

Our Approach

Our program is designed around three guiding principles, each with exercises and coaching conversations to better prepare, inspire and empower individuals navigating their transition, enabling them to thrive throughout their experience of relocating, both personally and professionally:

1. Explore
A deep dive into what’s driving your behaviors and what’s getting in the way of reaching your full potential.

2. Recalibrate
How to take back control of your experience through the transition and make the most of this opportunity.

3. Navigate
A clear vision for your future and the steps you need to take to get there. 

Our program is available as a group, team and individual experience. Throughout the program, a selection of relevant topics will be offered under each principle, allowing us to tailor our approach and give attention to the most important needs of the group. All sessions will be delivered virtually over Zoom. 

Group/Team Coaching Program*:
• 1:1 discovery session ahead of program kick off.
• 3 x monthly 3 hour sessions.
• 2 x individual coaching sessions available during or post program.
• Email/text access to coaches throughout the program and for 1 month after. 

About Anna and James 

Anna and James are both ICF certified Executive and Leadership Coaches (PCC) based in the U.S. and U.K. with over 40 years of combined leadership experience across a range of industries including advertising, media, government and nonprofit. 

Anna moved from London to New York over 10 years ago. As an experienced expat she is aware of the challenges that come with moving away from “home” and the impact on personal and professional support networks even when it’s a welcome move. This in turn has led her to support other professionals in easing their transition and to partner with James Renwick who she met through the business of coaching clients in the U.K. and U.S. Anna and James have complementary experience and expertise in business leadership, emotional intelligence and in guiding global clients through transformative change. This shared commitment has motivated them to join forces, providing support to businesses and professionals navigating their personal and professional journeys across the Atlantic. 

Meet the Coaches:


Anna Szpunar, ICF PCC 

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James Renwick, ICF PCC

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